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Slingshot 2.1

The core of the Slingshot experience is the Field Hub. A small device that fits neatly into the cab of your vehicle, the hub connects your precision ag hardware to the internet with ease. It also has an optional Wi-Fi version that allows other devices in the cab to enjoy high speeds on one data plan. Get up to 4G LTE speeds on major phone networks.

It connects your operator, manager and Slingshot support to each other via the Internet and puts a complete web experience on your Raven field computer.

Viper® 4+ (ROS), and CR7™ and CR12™ (CRX) Compatibility

  • Use Slingshot Link™ for wireless over-the-air software updates (no USB drive needed)
  • API compatibility,
  • Access to Fleet View, Remote Support and File Transfer
  • Slingshot RTK GPS correction signals


Although the Field Hubs and RS1 are the most reliable way to connect your Raven field computer to Slingshot, you can also use Wi-Fi or a third-party modem.

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