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About J&S Industries

J&S Industries Ltd. are a company supplying Guidance, Seeding, Granular and Liquid application equipment. Predominately we supply the farming industry and other organisations where accurate and safe applications are required such as on Golf Courses, the amenity sector, roadside and railway. Top of the range equipment includes metering the active ingredients of pesticides into the carrier, usually water, near to the point of application. This result in no premixed product so it is very easy to change the individual application rates or simply turn them off and wash out with the carrier. This technology is very important for roads and railways where they do not want any leftover mixtures at the end of the job.

New markets have developed over recent years for the more accurate application of animal slurry and digestate. This is because their application must be accurate, the quantities and where they were applied should be recorded and mapped to satisfy newer legislation. These products are now recognised as a very useful source of nutrition for the crops.

When drilling, or sowing it is very important to ensure a continuous, accurate application of seed and to indicate any blockage. This allows the operator to take remedial action immediately to eliminate the need to reseed any missed areas.