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Hawkeye 2

The most precise nozzle control system, Hawkeye® 2 ensures accurate droplet coverage up to 2.5 times more accurate out of the tip than comparable systems. It provides consistency across the boom which ensures precise droplet coverage, optimizing input costs. Raven’s legacy of performance and support means less downtime and more hectares covered.

The next generation nozzle control valve (NCV) builds upon the previous system: individual nozzle control reduces skips and overlaps; consistent droplet rate and size reduces drift and increases application quality; and turn compensation minimizes over and under application, achieving the ideal application rate across the boom.

Hawkeye 2’s scalable platform sets up your operation for years of success.

Base Package

  • PWM enabled with 16 virtual sections o Turn Compensation
  • Blockage Detection (go/no-go)

Premium Package

  • Individual nozzle control, up to 192 sections when paired with a compatible field computer

Features & Benefits

  • Over 17% increased flow per nozzle
  • Support up to 192 nozzles
  • Over 60% reduction of power consumption per nozzle IP69k rating per NCV
  • Increased operating pressure of .7bar to 8.25 bar
  • Optional severe duty poppets for harsh chemical use
  • Enhanced diagnostics
    • Independent feedback loop to RCM
    • Simplified LED light on NCV lets you know when there’s an issue
    • Blockage Detection per nozzle
  • Exclusive cabling improves performance
    • Increased durability, power reduction, diagnostic abilities
    • Over-moulded connection provides UV protection and strain relief

Modes of Operation


  • Standard mode of operation
  • User enters both target pressure and target flow rates
  • Main product pump controls to the target pressure and the nozzles control to the target flow rate

VP (Variable Pressure)

  • Like Standard Mode but user does not enter a target pressure
  • Target pressure calculated based on target duty cycle
  • System control priority is target flow, then target nozzle duty cycle
  • Allows for a wider range of operating flows where the operational pressure is not a priority, i.e., fertilizer application

    High Flow

    • Simultaneously run both a conventional nozzle and a standard nozzle
    • User enters target pressure and target flow rate
    • Like Standard Mode except flow rates are higher since there are two nozzles running in parallel
    • Individual nozzle control not available in this mode Bypass


      • Traditional conventional based flow-control where NCVs must be bypassed
      • Pump output adjusted to meet target flow On/Off


        • Like Bypass Mode except nozzles are open to 100%
        • Nozzles can be used without having to open a manual bypass valve
        • Provides added benefit of individual nozzle control while using air induction tips
        • Turn compensation not available in this mode

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